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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Takeover by Cassadie Drake

Dear Agent,

As an ex-military officer, the small group of survivors look to Holden for guidance even as he mourns the death of his wife and kids. Taking shelter in the University, they attempt to contact other survivors in the hopes of finding answer as to what happened.

Liv was alone. She had not seen another living person since everyone died last Friday. Her kids were dead, her neighbors were dead. She left the house only after realizing the bodies were gone. Jasper, her dog, walked by her side as she traveled to the University in hopes of finding someone alive.

Liv meets up with the other survivors as she travels to the campus. The survivorsrealize they are in the fight of their lives when the reanimated humans (RAHs) attack. As other survivors trickle in and the attacks become bolder, the decision is made to move.

The survivors quickly learn that the RAHs are not the slow moving, brain dead zombies of movies as first thought. In fact, they are not zombies at all. Their survival depends on being able to stay one step ahead of the RAHs until they can find out where they came from and how to send them back.

The Takeover is an 80,000-word Urban fantasy that contains elements of action and survival that should appeal to fans of the Resident Evil series. While the book is a stand alone, it could easily be made into a series